Dog Agility

Focus on Foundation

This class is filled with relationship building games, tricks and lots of clicker fun!  I wrote the syllabus for this class while raising one of my own puppies and based it on the things I first do when raising a puppy myself.  While this class is particularly geared toward puppies with owners that plan to continue in performance, it is open to anyone and dogs of all ages will benefit from the skills developed in this class. Prerequisites:  a positive attitude and an open mind!

Beginner Obedience

This class will cover the basic obedience exercises all dogs should know and then some!  We will cover heel, sit, stay, down, come, leave it, manners and a couple of tricks.  This class is a must for all dogs, especially the family pet.  If you only plan to take one class, this is the one for you.  Prerequisites:  a positive attitude!

Performance Puppy

This class is filled with silly pet tricks and foundation skills especially beneficial for those planning to go on to compete in performance events, particularly agility.  If you liked the Focus on Foundation class this one is more of the same, with an emphasis on tricks.  Prerequisites:  Focus on Foundation


This class will focus on teaching the skills necessary to prepare you and your dog for the obedience sport of AKC Rally.  The first part of the class will be spent learning new obedience skills, polishing heeling and understanding how to perform the maneuvers listed on the Rally signs.  During the second part of class everyone will have the opportunity to run an actual Rally course.  This class is great for polishing heeling and handler skills and developing better overall control of your dog. Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience Graduation

Advanced Obed/Intro to Agility

This class will focus on pushing obedience skills necessary for agility training and introducing dogs to many of the agility obstacles.  The first part of class will be spent on obedience – heeling and hand signals, longer stays with more distractions and longer, more formal recalls.  The second part of class will be spent on equipment familiarization.  Note – teeter totter will not be covered in this class. Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience Graduation

Handling w/Weaves

This class will focus on foundation flatwork handling skills and emphasize weave poles. Handler focus through hand touch and change of sides will be introduced including push, pull, front cross, rear cross and blind cross.  Contact work will be introduced.  It is suggested that all participants be willing to build a boojie board during the first week or two for contact practice at home.  Instructions to build a boojie board will be discussed in first class. Not the handy man type?  Boojie boards can also be purchased ready-made at Flying Feet for $30.  Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience Graduation and Adv. Obed/Intro to Agility

Teeter and Sends

In this class we will work on sending skills to encourage the dogs to begin to work away from their handlers.  180 and serpentine handling skills will be covered and the teeter will be introduced.  Contact work continues and longer sequencing will be done as time permits on an individual class basis.  Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience Graduation, Adv. Obed/Intro to Agility and Handing w/Weaves.

Contacts and Sequencing

In this class we will continue to push contact work and longer sequences, working toward running full length, excellent level courses. Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience Graduation, Adv. Obed/Intro to Agility, Handling w/Weaves, Teeter and Sends.

Competition Agility

This class will focus on course analyzation and fine tuning advanced handling skills.  Content will vary based on individual class needs and interests.  Prerequisites:  Beginner Obedience Graduation, Adv. Obed/Intro to Agility, Handling w/Weaves, Teeter and Send, Contacts and Sequencing,  along with instructor permission.


Still not sure which class is right for you and your dog? Feel free to give me a call at 812-923-3065 to discuss which class will best fit you and your dogs needs and interests.


Please be Aware of our Class Policies:

Refunds & Missed Classes - No refunds will be given after the first class.  There are also no refunds for missed classes but you can make up a missed class by attending another class of the same or lower level skill level during the same session.  Please contact the instructor to make arrangements for attending a make-up class.

Aggression – It is of top importance to us that we maintain a safe environment for all. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.  If your dog displays aggressive behavior, you may be asked to leave.  This decision will be made at the sole discretion of the instructor or person in charge.  There will be no refunds given.

Waiver of Release – All class, show-n-go, open train, ring rental, etc participants must have a current release form signed and on file (signature on bottom of registration form).

Flying Feet Agility & Dog Obedience School is a smoke free facility