Dog Treats

A note on treats - I like to use something extra special that the dog never gets except when training. It needs to be something your dog will find highly motivating and will be very willing to work for. Table food works very well. Hotdogs, cheese sticks, chicken, turkey, left over steak or ham, diced into tiny "pea" sized bites are ideal. Chop the food into tiny bites, put the bits into a baggie and freeze it, then when you're ready to leave for class, just grab your baggie from the freezer and you're ready to go. Most dogs are more interested in this type of treat than store bought treats and these treats are more cost effective and less filling so the dog will stay focused longer. However, keep in mind that you know your dogs digestive system better that anyone else so only use what you, your veterinarian, and dog are all comfortable with and what your dogs system can handle. Cheese sticks and plain boiled chicken are usually the safest for sensitive stomachs.

Please Note: Do not feed your dog before you come to class. You want your dog to be hungry so it is motivated to work for your treats: